Taian Lanka Steel Company

Taian Lanka Steel Company is one of the leading as well as the first Steel Tube Manufacturer in Sri Lanka and it is committed to provide quality steel tubes and pipes and other related tubes products to Sri Lankan customers. We are having the best selective leading International Raw Material suppliers as well as technical advisers contribute to achieve our desired quality standard.

Taian Lanka Steel Company began its business in 2010 and made a Joint venture Agreement with a leading Chinese manufacturing steel tube company. It is proud to be the first Galvanized Steel Tubes Manufacturer in Sri Lanka and we are committed to provide quality steel tubes and pipes along with other tube products to our valuable Sri Lankan customers. Since 2010 the company strives continuously to improve the quality based on the customer’s requirement as well as for the future of the company. We maintain our standards by selecting the best and leading International Raw Material suppliers as well as excellent technical advisors who contribute to achieve our desired quality standard.

Taian Lanka Steel Company offers a wide range of high quality round and square steel and galvanized tubes for local market and exports. ERW steel tubes are used for steel furniture and grill works among a range of other uses due to its dependable quality, strength and affordable price that none can match. Manufactured with Chinese Collaboration and advanced technology, Taian Lanka Steel and Galvanized Tubes are made available through our distributors island wide.

Chairman’s Message

Chairman – Mr. Veeriah Thiyagarajah

The world is becoming increasingly aware of the environmental issues such as global warming, climate changes etc. These rising issues shape the national policies and direction of the corporate development. Taian Lanka Steel Company (Pvt) Limited was established in 2010, and has specialized in environmentally friendly, durable and recyclable green steel products. The Steel Industry is one of the most important and crucial industry in the growth and development of a nation. It has been considered as the backbone of the civilization in the universe. We have mainly invested in the production of high-quality steel products such as steel tubes, pipes, C-purlin and Scaffolding equipment which are all environmentally friendly products

As our country embarks on new developmental projects the direct and indirect usage of steel products is high in demand. Hence, Taian Lanka expanded the existing factory and started a large scale of tubes and pipe production in November, 2016. Further, the company has implemented several comprehensive quality assurance programs and focuses on continuous improvements in quality of the products and health and safety of its employees. The main aim of the company is to continuously develop the factory and try to minimize the imports of finished steel products and contribute at least in a small way towards saving valuable foreign exchange drained out of the country as well as provide direct and indirect employment of sustainable number of trained/skilled persons of Sri Lankan origin.

Director Board

Mr. Veeriah Thiyagarajah


Mr. Kesavan Pathmanathan

Managing Director

Mr. Qian Yong


Mr. Qian Jijia