Taian Lanka was approved and incorporated with Board of Investment of Sri Lanka from its inception in late 2010 we were the first and the only steel tubes and related manufacture in the island Taian Lanka Steel has reached its financial strength and the brand value over the years , The corporate values and highest market share in steel tube segment has strengthen the company to become one of its kind. In 2017 Taian Lanka has expanded the factory operation’s with fully fledged multi supported manufacturing plant in the island during this time company had a capacity to output a range of high-quality steel tubes such as pre-galvanized, cold roll and hot rolled in round, square and rectangle also other related products such as lipped channels, scaffolding equipment’s and GI scaffolding ladder.

The group’s corporate values are been driven by the efficient team of 500+ employees directly and 100+ employees indirectly under the greatest visionary guidance of our Chairman and Managing Director respectfully Mr.Veeriah Thiyagarajah , Mr.Kesavan Pathmanathan.  Since 2010 the company strives continuously to improve the product quality based on the customer’s requirement and also the sustainability of the company. We maintain our standards by selecting the best & leading international raw material suppliers as well as excellent technical advisors around the world who can contribute to achieve the highest standards. Today we distribute to the entire corner’s of the island with cratering form small scale business to the large enterprises in Sri Lanka we have also developed ourselves to proceed export capacity with proud label of “Made in Sri Lanka”.


We at Taian Lanka aspire to innovate and to create the best steel products and to be the leading galvanized steel tubes manufacture and distributer in the steel industry


  • We aim to manufacture high quality Galvanized Steel Tubes at affordable rates using eco-friendly technologies and durable Raw Materials.
  • We take every effort to strengthen the Sri Lankan, Construction industry empowered by an efficient team of employees who are dedicated to achieve the said goal.
  • We wish to deliver a superior value for our employees and other stakeholders.
  • We take all the responsibility to protect the environment for the future generation.
  • We attempt to generate consistent profit and sustainable value for shareholders while enriching the value of their investment.

Chairman’s Message
Mr. Veeriah Thiyagarajah


The world is becoming increasingly aware of the environmental issues such as global warming, climate changes etc. These rising issues shape the national policies and direction of the corporate development. Taian Lanka Steel Company (Pvt) Limited was established in 2010, and has been specialized in environmentally friendly, durable and recyclable green steel products. The Steel Industry is one of the most important and crucial industries in the growth and development of a nation. It has been considered as the backbone of civilization in the universe. We have mainly invested in the production of high-quality steel products such as steel tubes, pipes, C-purlin and Scaffolding equipment which are all environmentally friendly products

As our country embarks on new developmental projects the direct and indirect usage of steel products is high in demand. Hence, Taian Lanka expanded the existing factory and started a large scale of tubes and pipe production in November, 2016. Further, the company has implemented several comprehensive quality assurance programs and focuses on continuous improvements in quality of the products and health and safety of its employees. The main aim of the company is to continuously develop the factory and try to minimize the imports of finished steel products and contribute at least in a small way towards saving valuable foreign exchange drained out of the country as well as provide direct and indirect employment of sustainable number of sri lankan skilled workers.

Our Team

Mr.Veeriah Thiyagarajah

Managing Director
Mr.Kesavan Pathmanathan

Mr.Qian Yong

Manager Co Founder