Welcome to Taian Lanka

Taian Lanka Steel Company is a leading steel manufacturer with a BOI approval located in Colombo, Sri Lanka .It was established in the year 2010. Since then the company has been manufacturing high quality galvanized tubes which are supplied to hardware stores locally. Our products are also used by steel furniture manufacturers and for building constructions etc.


We at Taian Lanka aspire to innovate and to create the best steel products and to be the leading galvanized steel tubes manufacturer and distributor in the steel industry.


  • We aim to manufacture high quality Galvanized Steel Tubes at affordable rates using eco-friendly technologies and durable Raw Materials.
  • We take every effort to strengthen the Sri Lankan,Construction Industry empowered by an efficient team of employees who are dedicated to achieve the said goal.
  • We wish to deliver the superior value for our employees and other shareholders.
  • We take all the responsibility to protect the environment for the future generation.
  • We attempt to generate consistent profit and sustainable value for shareholders while enhancing the value of their investment.

Taian Lanka Steel Company