Taian Lanka Steel Company is one of the leading as well as the first Steel Tube Manufacturers in Sri Lanka and it is committed to provide the highest quality steel tubes and pipes and other related tubes products for Sri Lankan customers. We are having the best selective leading International Raw Material suppliers as well as technical advisers contributing to achieve our desired quality standard. Taian Lanka Steel Company offers a wide range of high-quality steel tubes such as pre-galvanised, cold roll and hot rolled in round, square and rectangle and other related products such as lipped channels, scaffolding equipment etc.
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The senior team members of Taian Lanka, Having more than twenty-five years’ experience and knowledge in the global steel industry. Taian Lanka made a joint venture agreement with leading Chines company in 2010 where both parties are well expert in several areas of the Steel Industry i.e. Sri Lankan Party having an adequate knowledge and experience in local and international steel market same as Chinese party having an adequate knowledge and experience in International Market as well as manufacturing technology.Those successful contribution of both parties bringsgreat strength for the organization.